File Archiving & Document Storage

Climate Controlled Document Storage in Syracuse, NY

Document Storage in Syracuse New York

At Managed Heated Storage, our secure, clean, climate-controlled storage warehouse has afforded us years of experience storing professional files such as:

  • Hospital/Physician-Patient Records
  • Law Firm Files
  • Engineering Files
  • Architectural and Construction Drawings and Blueprints

Once stored, you'll have local, 24×7 access to review, retrieve or add to your files — whenever the need arises.

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Safe, Secure and Climate Controlled Storage for Sensitive Files, Documents, and Laboratory Equipment

At Managed Heated Storage, your files and documents are kept in climate controlled storage units to protect them from extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, and moisture. 

Our Climate Controlled warehouse is regulated to maintain temperatures between 60° and 78°F, further ensuring adequate protection of sensitive items such as fine furniture, antiques, old books and paintings.  Our temperature regulated storage facilities also allows for the storage of sensitive commercial items such as laboratory equipment, electronic test equipment, and pharmaceutical supplies.

In addition, your documents are protected against theft and vandalism by a robust, three-tiered defense:

  • Physical Barriers — utilizing heavy-duty steel-reinforced entrance ways.
  • Motion Detection & Alarms — utilizing a nationally recognized site-security service interfaced with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring — featuring the newest digital technologies that provide 24×7 recording and real-time monitoring.